The Industry Standard LTCI Premium Comparison Program!

The successor to StrateCision's acclaimed LTC Quote program for LTC quote comparisons, LTC Quote Plus is the new industry standard for comparing LTC policy rates. With LTC Quote Plus, you can
  • Get quotes for a single client or a couple, for virtually all current LTC insurance plans
  • Choose levels for all benefits, including special riders unique to the policy
  • Create single or comparative proposals, up to 6 on a page
  • Show additional illustrations such as cost of waiting, how inflation protection increases benefits, and alternative premium tables
  • Quotes are state specific and designed to mirror those of the carriers' software.

StrateCision's LTC Quote Plus is an enhanced program which adds many features requested by users, including

  • Save and retrieve proposals
  • Screen preview of all illustrations
  • Search for all plans with the benefits you are looking for, and
  • Rank them in order of increasing premium
  • Synchronize benefits for spouses
  • E-mail illustrations to clients and colleagues
Enhanced Features

If you sell LTC insurance and need quotes from more than one company, you owe it to yourself to look into LTC Quote Plus.

LTC Quote Plus vs other quoting software

Other software companies have introduced programs to quote and compare LTC premiums. Click here to learn why LTC Quote Plus is the Industry Standard.

Sample Illustrations

Here is a sample of what Quote Plus can do:

Policies Available by State in LTC Quote Plus

(This list changes frequently and the tables below may not be 100% up to date.)

Alaska - Missouri
Mississippi - Wyoming

LTC Quote Plus State Supplements

State Supplements are available for LTC Quote Plus for California, Connecticut and New York. The Supplements contain Partnership policies and other plans sold only in those states. The Supplements were developed because of the large number of policies sold only in those states and needed only by those doing business in these states.

Supplements are downloaded with LTC Quote Plus or as part of an update. They are available to anyone with a current subscription. They can be ordered as a CD,in which case a shipping and handling charge applies.

Policies included in the Supplements can be determined from the policies by state grids. For the CA and CT Supplement, click the Alaska-Missouri link above, and look for plans sold only in CA or CT. For the NY Supplement click the Mississippi-Wyoming link and check for plans sold only in NY.

Optional Enhancements to LTC Quote Plus

An MGA version of the program is available for general agents and other organizations that create sales illustrations for multiple producers.

With this option (available at additional cost) the user can create and save a list of producers, along with their phone numbers, address, email and other information. Then when a producer requests a quote or comparison, the program user can attach that producer's name which will then be shown on illustrations with producer phone, address, etc.

General agents working to attract and retain capable producers have found that this personalization is appreciated by their field agents, who then look more professional to their clients.

A Group Quote option can also be ordered to enhance LTC Quote Plus. This is a very powerful feature allowing you to quote a policy and set of benefits for a group of any size. The option lets you enter a group census and then calculates premiums for each member, as well as total premium for the group. Click here for a sample group illustration. Group Proposal

An even more powerful feature of Group Quote is the ability to create a census in an Excel spreadsheet, then tell LTC Quote Plus to read the Excel file, and save the quotes in the same file. For more detail on this option: Group quotes using Excel

Agents in the group market should seriously consider this option. It can turn hours of drudgery into minutes of work and result in very effective group presentations.


The subscription includes 12 months of updates via the Internet. New policies are posted on our website for download several times a month. You can update from within the program, or log into the website to get the latest updates.

We'll notify you when it's time to renew your subscription. If you are unable to download files, you can purchase an updated disk any time while your subscription is current.

Download a Demo of LTC Quote Plus

A free demo of LTC Quote Plus is available here. The demo is the full LTC Quote Plus program, which you can try for 21 days.

The install file is large and can take over 30 seconds with a high speed connection. If your browser asks what to do with the file, you can "Open" it, or "Run the program from its current location". If you choose to "save it to disk" you will then need to run the file by double-clicking its icon to install. Save the file to your Desktop or another location where you can find it after downloading.

Please note that StrateCision cannot provide telephone help with downloading or demo installation. If you are unable to download and run the demo, we can send you the program on disk. There is a charge for this, which is credited back if you buy LTC Quote Plus.

Request link to download free Demo of LTC Quote Plus


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