StrateCision, Inc. Disclosure Statement

Although we have taken care to make the comparisons an accurate reflection of each policy, users should be aware that StrateCision Software is third party software, not the official software of the policy's issuer. Illustrations from StrateCision Software should not be used to submit applications for insurance. Rather, the insurer's software or approved forms should be used in submitting applications.

Also, the policies available within StrateCision's Software do not include all policies currently being sold, and if a policy's rates differ in certain states, those rates may not be included. Check the policies available in your state before ordering StrateCision Software..

StrateCision, Inc. makes every effort to insure that information it provides on long-term care policies is correct, but makes no warranty that information is correct or complete. StrateCision does not sell insurance, is not affiliated with any insurer, and provides policy information as an independent third party. Use of StrateCision Software is subject to the understanding that its policy descriptions and premiums are not representations by the policy issuers and do not obligate the issuers in any manner.

StrateCision does not warranty that any given LTC policy will be described in its Software products, or if described, that this information will continue to be available within the Software. Policy information may be removed to a State Supplement and made available for an additional charge, may be removed at the request of the policy issuer, or for other reasons at StrateCision's sole discretion. Such removals may occur at any time and StrateCision has no obligation to provide updates of any policy, regardless of whether that policy has been or continues to be described in StrateCision's software.

Policy comparisons within StrateCision's Software products are meant to be objective, to not promote sales of any particular insurance policy, and to provide valuable comparative information to agents and their clients. However, StrateCision does not warrant that those using its Software may provide its information directly to their clients. Users of the Software should check with their state insurance department as to whether the offering of this information is in compliance with state regulations.