Problems using StrateCision programs

Although StrateCision's LTC Quote, Quote Plus and Advisor programs work reliably in almost all cases, problems can arise in installing and running them on occasion. Below are solutions for problems that have been reported by one or more users.

Your LTC Quote or Advisor Plus icon has disappeared

If your desktop icon for LTC Quote Plus has disappeared, 2 possible causes are:
1 You have accidentally deleted it or moved it into a folder on your desktop
2 Your anti-virus (AV) program has deleted it or moved it to its quarantine folder.

In either case you can try to recover the icon by opening My Computer, finding the folder c:\stratecision\quote, then looking inside the folder for the file ltcquote.exe.

If the file is there, highlight it with your right mouse button, hold the button down and drag the file onto your desktop. Then release the button and choose Create Shortcut Here.

This should recreate the icon that runs the program. Test by double-clicking it to see if the program starts.

If there is no file ltcquote.exe or if the folder c:\stratecision\quote is missing, you will need to reinstall the program. Here areinstructions for how to do this:
Reinstall a program

If your AV program caused the problem, you will need to configure it to stop interfering with LTC Quote Plus. The next section describes how to do this.

Antivirus prevents updating LTC Quote Plus or removes it from the desktop

LTC Quote Plus has a built-in update feature, that downloads updated files on request. This feature works well for data files that describe individual policies, but can fail when trying to update the program itself.

The failure is due to anti-virus (AV) programs, that block executable ("exe") files such as the LTC Quote Plus program file, which is named ltcquote.exe.AV programs may also remove the desktop icon that you use to run LTC Quote Plus.

You can tell your AV program not to block this file by using the Exclusions list, which is a feature of virtually all AV programs (also known as a whitelist). Adding a file to the list will prevent the AV program from stopping updates of ltcquote.exe. Accessing the Exclusions list is different for each AV program, and you may need to search through your AV program options to find the list and edit it.

When you find the whitelist function in your AV program, enter these items into it:

  • ltcquote.exe
  • aupdltcq.hta
  • c:\stratecision

Then save your entries and exit the AVprogram.

If the AV program has deleted the LTC Quote Plus icon, try this to recover it:

  • Click the Windows Start button and choose Control Panel (you may have to right-click the Start button). Alternatively you can open Cortana or other search option and type Control Panel.
  • In Control Panel, click Programs, then Uninstall a program.
  • Scroll down the program list to LTC Quote Plus and right-click it.
  • Choose Repair in the menu.
  • When Repair finishes, the icon should be back on your desktop, test to see if it starts LTC Quote Plus.
If these instructions don't bring back LTC Quote Plus, contact us for further support.

Whitelisting in Norton (Symantec) AV

Here we show how to edit the list for Norton Antivirus, a popular AV program. Click this link for step by step instructions:

Stop Norton from blocking updates

Installation problems

StrateCision programs are packaged for installation using InstallShield, an industry standard tool for creating installations. However some Windows configurations are apparently confused by Installshield and give inappropriate error messages. For a discussion of installation problems, click here: Installation Issues

Problems running LTC Quote Plus

For solutions to problems reported with LTC Quote Plus, click here: LTC Quote Plus problems

Fix for problems printing to PDF file

StrateCision's programs do not have a built-in mechanism to save illustrations as Adobe PDF files. Instead they are saved as .html files, which is the format used on most web pages, and which can be read using a web browser such as Internet Explorer.

To save illustrations as PDF files, you can print them using a "PDF driver" which is software that formats the illustration as a pdf file. PDF drivers, once installed on your computer, appear on your list of available printers, and you can choose the driver as though it were a regular printer. You will then be asked for a name for the PDF file, and a location or folder where to store it.

For a discussion of printing to PDF and how to get a PDF driver, click here: Print to PDF files

Running in Windows Vista

Vista users who have installed StrateCision programs into their Administrator account have experienced problems with the initial install, with running the program, and with updating it.

The Administrator account comes with Vista and is used to configure Windows. It is not meant for running application programs. Thus Vista users should set up at least one User Account and use that to install and run application programs, including those from StrateCision. The User Account can have administrative privileges, but it has to be a separate account from the Administrative Account that comes with Vista.

Customers who initally installed into the Administrator account, had problems, then installed into a User account, have been able to run the programs without problems.

Error: cannot load graph.vbx

This error primarily affects users of LTC Advisor who use Windows 95, an older version of Windows sold in 1995. It is unlikely to occur with recent versions of Windows.

On some computers, the error message 'cannot load graph.vbx' appears when you try to run LTC Advisor.

A file that usually fixes this problem can be downloaded here. The file, called 'graphfix.exe', should be downloaded into the folder that contains your LTC Advisor program (usually C:\LTC or C:\LTCA).

When graphfix.exe is in this folder, use either My Computer or Windows Explorer to highlight this file, then double-click on it to run it. This will create 3 new files: readme.txt, mvfile.bat, and unmvfile.bat.

Run the file mvfile.bat (or just mvfile) by double-clicking it. See the README.TXT file for further instructions.

Download a fix of Windows 95 problem now