Instructions for StrateCision programs

Below are links to view and download instructions that users receive when they license StrateCision programs. They are posted here for users who may have not received or lost their copies.

Install or Reinstall LTC Quote Plus or Advisor Plus

Here are instructions for initial installation of a StrateCision program, and for reinstalling if a previous install is no longer usable. If reinstalling, the program should first be uninstalled using Windows Control Panel if it is currently present on the computer.

Install or Reinstall a program

Updating LTC Quote Plus if you have Norton Antivirus

LTC Quote Plus has a built-in update feature, that downloads updated files on request. Usually this works without problems, but some antivirus programs may block these downloads and disable the program. Norton Antivirus is known to do this, so here are step by step insturctions for modifying Norton to prevent this.

Stop Norton from blocking updates

Which versions of Windows are compatible with StrateCision Programs?

Users buying new computers or upgrading their current version of Windows should be aware of the compatibility issues with the StrateCision programs they use.
Which versions of Windows are compatible

Converting from old to new LTC Quote Plus

The current version of LTC Quote Plus uses a 10-digit ID Key rather than an 8-character serial code. If you have a current subscription to the older version, follow these instructions to convert your copy to the latest version.
Instructions to convert to new LTC Quote Plus

Move your LTC Quote Plus client data to a new computer

If you have acquired a new computer and need to install LTC Quote Plus and move your client data to the new machine, download or read these instructions:
Move LTC Quote Plus client data to new computer

Update Old LTC Quote Plus from this website

LTC Quote Plus web update

Installing Network Version of LTC Quote Plus

Install Network LTC Quote Plus

Installing Network Version of LTC Advisor Plus

Install Network LTC Advisor Plus

Instructions for StrateCision Web-Based Programs

Using LTC WebQuote
Account Administration for LTC WebQuote and WebAdvisor
Using LTC WebQuote with tablets