How to compare long-term care insurance policies

StrateCision Inc is an independent software development company that is not affiliated with any insurance company. We have developed software for financial professionals who advise clients on choosing a long-term care policy. The program provides detailed objective comparisons not designed to favor any individual insurer.

Agents who sell these policies and who have spent the time to understand them and the differences among them, have purchased this software and can use it to give you a detailed comparison of plans currently sold in your state.

The software is called LTC Advisor and LTC Quote, and we suggest that before talking with an insurance agent, you make sure that he or she has these programs, and is willing and able to use them to show you the differences among policies you may be considering.

Be aware that some agents create their own comparisons or use those from insurance companies. These may or may not be accurate, and may be slanted toward the policies of a particular insurer.

If you would like the names of LTC agents in your area that use these comparison programs, write to us at including your name, city, state and zipcode, and indicate that you are looking for an agent referral. When you call an agent, mention that you want to see policy comparisons done by StrateCision's LTC Advisor and LTC Quote software.

Thank you for visiting this site, and good luck with finding a policy that best meets your needs.

If you would like to see a sample policy comparison, click on this link:

Sample policy comparison

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