Long-Term Care

StrateCision began working in long-term care in 1992, when it received a large grant from the National Institute on Aging, a component of the U.S. National Institutes of Health.

The grant's purpose was to develop tools to educate consumers on their future need for long-term care and on how to make financial plans to meet the need.

The tool created under the NIH grant is now LTC Advisor, a software program that has become the standard for informing consumers of their risk of needing long-term care and of their insurance options for meeting the need.

Since developing this innovative program under grant support, StrateCision has continued to improve and update it with data on current LTC policies, and to market the program to agents, brokers, insurance carriers, and public counseling programs.

In 1997 StrateCision began development of a companion product, LTC Quote, in response to requests from many of its customers who wanted comparative proposals from different LTC carriers. Quote was introduced in December 1998, and has gained the same popularity and market acceptance as LTC Advisor.

Health Promotion Projects

In 1991 StrateCision was awarded a large contract from the National Center for Health Services Research, a department of the U.S. Public Health Service.

The purpose was to develop health promotion software for families to use on home computers, to help them maintain their health.

The program, called HealthCommand, allows a family or individual to enter personal health histories, which are used by the program to determine what preventive measures they need now or in the near future.

A related software product, HealthAlert, is used in doctors' offices to let patients enter a brief health maintenance history, after which the program prints an inventory of current preventive needs that can be acted upon by a health care provider.

Custom Research and Development

For insurance companies StrateCision has developed software illustration/proposal systems for their long-term care contracts. Also, StrateCision has developed models of the risk of needing long-term care for insurers to use in marketing campaigns.

For health care organizations StrateCision has consulted on information management and analysis. Past projects include:

  • Advising the U.S. Defense department on choice of a hospital information system for all 185 Army, Navy and Air Force acute care hospitals worldwide.

  • Evaluating critical performance and capacity problems in a failing information system at a large, inner-city Health Maintenance Organization.

  • Analyzing severity of illness data from large teaching hospitals to improve the DRG-based reimbursement system used by Medicare.

  • Analyzing insurance claims data to determine the cost savings from managed care.


StrateCision has expertise in:
  • Development of insurance illustration and proposal systems.

  • Simulation modeling and life table analysis for predicting individual
    longevity, disease risk, future health and healthcare costs.

  • Statistical analysis and modeling of data.

  • Web site development for long-term care insurance agents and issuers.

  • Software development in MS Windows, Visual Basic.

  • Development and evaluation of medical and financial information systems.

  • Software for health policy analysis and decision support.

  • Database applications for financial and health care providers.

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