The differences between StrateCision's Centile score and the Comdex are:

  1. We average over 5 financial ratings rather than 4.

  2. We rate carriers against other LTC carriers only, not against those selling only life insurance, disability or annuities.

  3. Our method treats tied ranks correctly, assigning each tied carrier a rating corresponding to the middle of the tied rank. Comdex assigns each carrier a percentile corresponding to the top of the rank, biasing the rankings. Example: If all carriers received a 'B' rating by a service, each would be given a percentile of 100 by Comdex for that rating service, implying that each carrier ranks higher than all the others. Assigning each carrier the average percentile of the rank (in this case 50) avoids this bias, and is the standard way of assigning tied ranks in statistics.