The Industry Standard LTC Hybrid Comparison Program!

Don't sell Hybrid Plans without it!

  • Hybrid/Combo Life/LTC policies are growing rapidly in market share.
  • Hybrid plans answer 2 major objections to regular LTC plans:
    • If I never need care, I lose all the premiums I've paid.
    • Insurers can raise premiums on my policy, making it potentially unaffordable.
  • Many LTC producers now sell hybrid plans along with conventional LTC.
  • LTC producers have used StrateCision's comparison tools for years, and now need these tools to compare hybrid plans.
  • StrateCision's new WebCombo is the online version of that tool.
  • WebCombo can be embedded in a general agent or brokerage website and be made available to any number of producers.

With WebCombo, you can

  • Get quotes for a single client or a couple, for the current Life/LTC hybrid plans
  • Create single or comparative proposals, for an individual or couple
  • Run hybrid comparisons online, use your browser to design a plan and find the best policy

StrateCision's WebCombo has the features requested by users, including
  • See how benefits compare for a fixed premium, or premium comparisons for a chosen benefit
  • See Face Amount/Death Benefit for your choice of premium or monthly LTC benefit
  • See annual and total premium, total and monthly benefit, and benefits at age 80
  • Show how inflation protection options and other riders affect premiums and benefits
If your agency sells combo plans and needs comparative quotes, you need WebCombo

Watch video: Using WebCombo
See policies shown in WebCombo by state

the rates quoted in WebCombo do not apply in New York or Montana.

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